GlobenRegen – We CAN change the world!

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7 Responses to GlobenRegen – We CAN change the world!

  1. Barbara says:

    Let’s get started!~

  2. Michael Schacker says:

    Genius completes the invention of the air powered car:

    zero pollution
    eventually will be able to recharge it’s own power with on board generator powered by—air!

  3. My newly launched, online FREE THE GENIE brainstorming tool should be of immense value to anyone interested in saving the planet. Fundamentally, Free the Genie is a simple way (10 minutes or less) to originate and develop ideas with others. It helps aspiring innovators generate the kind of insights, ideas, and ahas that get their projects untracked and into an entirely new dimension of creativity. It also provides a simple way for people to quickly share their ideas with others, so the odds of them attracting feedback, input, and collaborators exponentially increases.

    Free 15-day trial subscription available:

    I will certainly consider giving free licenses to selected organizations/projects.

  4. barbaradean says:

    Pedal-powered generator (I like the word “generate” in this sweet down to earth invention. Hey, we could get our exercise and make our own power at the same time.) Anyone know how to make one of the these?
    Here is a place you can donate to give one to someone in Nepal

  5. barbaradean says:

    Gifts of Hope at is where you’ll find ingenious ways to gift someone in need. What’s more special than a baby chick? Don’t let the cuteness fool you – these chicks can provide eggs and instant income for a family in need. ($15) Or how about a kid goat for a special kid? This adorable goat only ($75) can provide a starving child and their family with nutritious milk and cheese for an entire year.

  6. Lester Brown has made his new book available for free!
    Plan B 3.0
    Mobilizing to Save Civilization
    I am so impressed and inspired by this that I will follow this example and make the Global Regeneration book at free if you email me. Just choose Contact and ask for it. Do make a donation if you can however, because the author is completely disabled and needs your support.

  7. schacker says:

    2-2012 Honeybees and Pesticide Use Report – UK “That this House notes the recent publication of the findings of a study led by Dr Jeffrey Pettis of the US Department of Agriculture’s Bee Research Laboratory, which showed that bees deliberately exposed to even tiny amounts of the neonicotinoid pesticide, imidacloprid, were, on average three times more likely to become infected by the parasite, nosema, as those that had not; recognises that this research adds the most compelling evidence yet to the growing body of scientific work linking neonicotinoid use to decline in populations of honey bees and other pollinators; and calls on the Government to ban the use of this group of systemic pesticides anywhere in the UK.” Read report and article:

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